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January 1, 2013
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I left without any goodbyes after receiving my mission, however I did signify my return to my brother. I left our father's stash folded neatly on my pillow. One of my most valued possessions that I took on every mission. Sorta like a symbol for good luck, even though I didn't believe in luck, it was at least comforting to have something of my father's with me. I replaced the red sash with a black one I found for a small price. Now my attire held no color.

Since I've yet to overcome my fear of horses or wagons, and being forced by others onto either has been of no help, in fact I've begun to think it's made it worse. I paid for passage on a small supplies boat, transferring supplies to and from France, I secretly believe it may be a Templar boat, since we're at war with France I don't understand why the merchants would still exchange merchandise. My suspicion is confirmed when I see Franco giving a crate to one of the crew.
My meeting with Franco wasn't horrible, I in a sense made Sonia accompany me, and they seemed to have gotten along swimmingly. Franco is most definitely a gentleman, however, he is a Templar. In my eyes he tried to use me to get information about the brotherhood. Though he excuses it as being curious. Wanting to compare each organizations beliefs and teachings. I don't wish to humor him.
When I see him making the exchange I move behind one of the masts and stay there until the ship leaves port. No one was able to see me there, since the mast is much wider than I, so I stayed there, watching the body of in front of us until a few of the crew ushered me away since I was where they needed to work for tying some things down.
After this I sent and sat at the bow of the ship, staying off the of figure head since occasionally it would get very close to the water on certain waves. I found this to be my hide-away and stayed here until we reached France.

Arriving in France after a few days I made my way toward Velenciennes, which is up in the Northern border according to my map. Walking, jogging, and sprinting at night. By the time I reached Velenciennes I had eaten my rations, they had lasted me the travel by ship and then the long journey North.
By the time I found Emperor Charles V's camp I was famished, my water near running out and only a few berries I had found along my way left. I believe it's the elderberries I found, because they have a similar taste to some French wine an old friend of my brother made me drink. Sitting in the shadows I watched the patrol of Charles' men. How am I to get into their camp, I hardly look Italian so I doubt they'd believe I were a volent-...that's it. I slowly smirk as I watch a group of boys delivering rations to them. That's how I was to get in. I know I didn't have to do anything about making my face look like a work boy's face, I had plenty of dirt on it from wagons and horses kicking it in my face on the road. I just need to take care of my clothes.
Looking around I was pleased to see no one near, setting my bag down I removed the black sash and under my three layers of shirts I wrapped it around my chest, small yes, but they could still give away that I'm a girl. Then I removed my robe with the puffed sleeves, I shoved that into my bag. Leaving me with my stripped shirt and matching pants as well as the black undershirt with my turtleneck collar. I put some dirt in my hands and applied it to my shirt so it didn't look so clean.
Lastly I tried to do something with my hair, I needed it more shaggy and it wasn't cooperating, so I cut some of it, not too much. I just took some out of my face...

There, complete. Now to get some rations to deliver...or, actually no. I'll be exactly what I'm supposed to be, a messenger. Picking up my bag I found the small journal I keep in there for little to no reason and find the charcoal stick. Where I write in my best and cleanest Italian, a new thing for me and I fold it up nicely before putting away my things, slinging my bag over my shoulder and making my way over to the gate guards. "I have a message for the Emperor!"

I wasn't taken to Emperor Charles I was taken to one of his commanding officers who began by questioning me about why there was no stamp on the message, he was growing frustrated quickly and my quick somewhat reasonable answers were just barely keeping him convinced. While he reads the message I glance around and see Charles' tent, it's much larger than the other men's, no surprise. And I know he's in there after hearing an officer ask about his whereabouts and the answer he received.
The Commanding Officer looks up at me. "How do I know you're not playing me boy?"
That was a good question, how would he know. I looked him square in the eyes and with a calm and steady tone I replied. "If I were lying would I do this?" I snatched the paper from him and made a dash toward Charles' tent, oh what a reckless fool I am. I side stepped, ducked, and completely dodged soldiers and officers grabbing for me to stop me and I barged through the flaps of the tent and jumped onto Charles' desk in which he was writing plans on.
He was startled and stumbled back a bit, pulling out a pistol and aiming it at my head.
Somehow I kept calm and stepped off his desk just as his soldiers barged in ready to fight. I lifted my left arm and pulled down my sleeve enough to show the Creed symbol on my hidden blade, as well as my black hand from my permanent bruising. "I am not here to fight you Emperor Charles. I am here to deliver a warning."
I may seem calm, but my heart is racing as though I had just run around the collisium multiple times and then dove off of the highest cliff in the world. My palms were sweating as I held the note out toward Charles, in a way that it was open and he could read it. I could barely breath and my knees were quivering. I was afraid for my life.
After Charles read the note and looked at me once more he dismissed his men and put away his pistol. "Tell me who you are." He orders.
I look at him sternly. "I am an assassin, I fight for the safety and freedom of the people. I am no more than this."
He doesn't look impressed nor very convinced. "And how do you plan to assist us? You're a mere child."
"I will fend off the French while you and your men retreat and and plan for a better attack. If you listen to me you'll lose no men and you'll have the advantage. Don't let your pride of retreat kill your men. I am but one assassin preforming my duty, unlike most of these men I have no children, I have no spouse to return to."
He glares at me, not liking my bluntness even though my voice shook slightly. "So be it."
"Then hurry. I'll hold them off." I dropped the letter and let it float down to his feet as I left the room, keeping my head held high even though my legs barely wanted to cooperate. I was so glad my sleeves were far too long, I wiped the sweat from my palms onto the sleeves and ignored the glares of the soldiers as I walked out of the camp and down the street, finally letting myself shudder and exhale. Did I seriously just do that..?

I continued down the road until I saw a platoon of King Francis I's troops marching in my direction, well marching isn't the correct term. They were away from their commanding officers so they were enjoying themselves some, joking and singing a bit, expressing worries from the look of a few of the men.
I climbed onto a bolder and stayed out of sight as I awaited them to come closer, checking my supplies one last time.

The soldiers approached and I ambushed. I jumped into the middle of them and killed the first with my hidden blade, then another with my knife. I took a knick on the side of the neck, nothing serious thankfully, from a soldiers sword and then finished him with a kick to the gut a punch in the face and stabbing him with his own sword after I broke his arm over my shoulder. I moved fluently, taking out this platoon of scouts, who I soon found out weren't that far away from the rest of the troops. I continued to fight those I was surrounded by, receiving a bullet in the thigh, a broken nose and a few broken fingers, and a good cut across my side.

It began to rain heavily and I had three scouts left, only to look up and see a hoard of more soldiers rushing forward. I knew now that I was in over my head. About to drown in wounds. I pulled a new addition to my arsenal from my bag, a bomb. Grabbing a pistol from a body I managed to work out a way to fire it at a solider that was attacking me and ignite the fuse of the bomb at the same time, my first time playing with a gun might I add. I threw the bomb at the last two and the hoard and then became more reckless.
I ran as fast as I could into the brush close by and ran in the direction for the army. There was one last thing I needed to do. Running as fast as my wounds would allow, I came about a fourth of the way into the army before slowly and cautiously trying to blend amongst the soldiers. I found a spare coat hanging off of a cannon some men were dragging and pushing, I adorned it and found it way to baggy, but at least it would help me blend. Limping I looked for the commander, he was my last objective.
It didn't take too long, I managed to get to him fairly easily because all the soldiers were concentrating on the commotion ahead. I activate my hidden blade and come up behind the Commander, and just after he gave commands to a few of his surrounding soldiers who take off ahead I stab him in the back of the neck and whisper my words of respect into his ear as he falls.
Hoping I could have escaped that easily was foolish of me. I heard men shout and I took off toward the direction I had sneaked in. Pulling my last bomb from my bag and snatching a pistol from a soldier who tried to grab me, I elbowed him in the face and continued to run, managing to light the bomb I threw it behind me just as I neared the brush and cleared the couple of soldiers there. Getting several yards from the army.
I heard a few screams as the bomb went off and before I was able to duck into the brush I was shot in the shoulder. I face plant the ground and take a moment to catch my breath, crying out in pain as I push myself to my feet. I am not dying!
I ran, and ran. I don't know how long, how far, or anything. But I collapsed and that was that...mission accompli-.
.w. I had no inspiration for this until today. ^^;

So here we go, I actually like how it turned out. :D

*cough*almost forgot to kill the commander*cough*

Sonia :iconsolozerker:
Pretty much everyone else :iconsooner7:
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I really liked the part of him wondering if he 'seriously just do that.' 2 Points for you. (Not real ones, course) XD
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Haha thank you, I'm glad you liked that, and Malak's actually a she ^^'
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